The Amherst College Public Health Collaborative

Submitted by Jamie A. Cohen on Monday, 1/27/2014, at 3:05 PM


Public Health Collaborative
The Amherst College Public Health Collaborative (ACPHC) brings together college students, faculty, staff, alumni, community partners and health care providers in order to engage in and promote issues of public health and social justice in the Pioneer Valley. ACPHC seeks to create long-term partnerships between community organizations and students, create a resource network for students interested in the field and highlight the importance of public health in the wider community. By including all relevant stakeholders, ACPHC aims to positively affect the health of the people living in the Pioneer valley, as well as to deepen the relationships between college students and local community by meaningfully engaging students in community health projects and by providing a means for students to apply classroom knowledge to the world they live in.
Current Executive Board and contact information:
Jessica McMillin(President)- 
Lucy Xu(Internal VP)-
Ji Hoon Lee(External VP)-
Hyun Jae Seo(External VP)-
Ella Cohen(Treasurer)-
Minjee Kim(Treasurer)-
Priyanka Shetty(Secretary)-
Somin Kwon(Publicity)-
Henry Wu(Webmaster)-
Ha Ram Hwang(Webmaster)-
Dr. Richard Aronson '69 
Professor of Anthropology Chris Dole