Executive Board

  • Reilly Horan (President)
  • Aida Orozco (Vice President)
  • Tinsae Zerihun (Treasurer)
  • Kyra Ellis-Moore (Send-A-Smile Coordinator)
  • Geneva Lloyd (Kind Person of the Month Coordinator)
  • Samanta English (Webmaster)

Get Involved

Submitted by Kate M. Turetsky on Tuesday, 10/21/2014, at 12:54 PM

Over 300 students have signed up for Random Acts of Kindness, and at least 1/4 are active members. We would love for you to get involved! We are very flexible - we have members who range widely in involvement, from those who are only interested in one specific aspect of the club (i.e. tabling for events, making calendars, or volunteering) to those who regularly participate in everything we do as VKPs (Very Kind People)!

We have regular meetings for the full club on the second Thursday of every month and the Executive Board meets biweekly. We usually have topical meetings preceding big upcoming events (for example, a Hug Training meeting in preparation for Free Hugs Day). These, and all other events and meetings, are announced through email to our members, so signing up to receive emails is key!

We have only one requirement of our members, and that is to SAY HI ON THE PATH. Our school is tiny - there's no reason why two students passing each other on the sidewalk should not smile and say hello. It's easy, it's kind, and it builds community! Saying hi is the easiest way to get involved and it does make a big difference, so we encourage you to make it a habit whether or not you go on to join Random Acts.

Email us at amherstkindness@gmail.com to sign up and/or learn more!