ACRFC had a rough start at the beginning of this past fall season due to the loss of a huge senior class. After humbling defeats, ACRFC kicked it into high gear in order to try and beat rival Williams in the classic match. Unfortunately, this season ACRFC lost to Williams by four points (12-16). Every now and then, we must expect that they are tired of lossing 55-5 to us and actually give us a good game. But we don't like to lose, the pack will let this lose fire us through to next season and get another set of Williams jerseys. Relentless.

Besides reminiscing about the deeds that have been done and that are left to do, the ruggers of ACRFC are making the most of their time off the field. Team members are:

  • Researching potential links between botulism and unclean drinking water in the American Midwest;
  • Investigating recent developments in death penalty applications in American law on campus;
  • Learning how to skim a few percent off personal investment portfolios;
  • Fulfilling the stereotypes associated with being a philosophy major;
  • And much, much more!

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