We are always looking for new ladies to join our team. Our newbie players come from all walks of life - people who played ultimate in high school, ex-Varsity athletes looking for a new sport, or just those who want to have a great time outside with a dedicated team. We are competitive, committed to the game, and open to new talent. So whether you have ultimate experience or not, we invite you to meet us and let us teach you about ultimate frisbee. Once you experience the tremendous and pervasive Spirit of the Game, you'll be hooked on Sparkle Motion Ultimate!

If you are thinking about joining and have any questions or just want to say hi, shoot us an email at ultimate.sparklemotion@gmail.com. Otherwise, we'll have a sign-up table at the Student Activities Fair at the beginning of the semester and you'll probably see us out on the freshman quad tossing during Orientation Week--come out and play!