Mission Statement

The Powerhouse is an expression of Amherst College’s mission—for its students to assume substantial responsibility for undertaking inquiry beyond the curriculum. It bolsters the potential of social collaboration, inclusivity, and diversity amongst different niches within the greater Amherst community. From conception, to construction, through operation, this pioneering student space links learning, unparalleled artistic creation, community partnership, and student life. It will co-evolve with the progressive nature of the Amherst student body’s leadership. Terras irradient—“Let them give light to the world.” 1821.

What Students Are Saying About the Space

“The fact that the Powerhouse is a public social space, one that is the domain of no particular organization, is perhaps its greatest contribution to the culture of Amherst. It has the potential to open up avenues of mingling between different social groups and facilitate intercourse between the different niches that fracture the campus.”

“The popularity of the Powerhouse during its nighttime debut is a reminder that Amherst is not only a school dedicated to great thinking, but that it is also a place enthusiastic about having clean and unquestionably sober fun.”

~David Yang ’18, ‘Powerhouse Gives Students New Party Place’ In The Amherst Student, Opinion

“The Powerhouse provides a fun place for students to socialize without feeling pressure to drink.  I think that the Powerhouse has made the campus a much safer place on weekend nights."

~Alexander Ordoobadi ’15, ACEMS President