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About Us

The Women's and Gender Center seeks to foster a critical awareness of gender and create an intentional space, accessible to students of all genders, that will serve as a resource and forum for topics and issues related specifically to women and, more broadly, to the experience of gender. The Center promotes learning about and exploring gender through personal experience, academic inquiry, community organizing, activism and discussion.

About Us

Community Standards Report

Complete this form if a student of concern has aggrieved you, another person, or has violated the community standards in our Student Code of Conduct.  When the College receives this form, it will attempt to contact the sharing party (if not anonymous) for the purpose of discussing informal response or the initiation of an adjudication process.

2018-2019 Code of Conduct

Each year the College publishes updates to our Student Code of Conduct, which includes the Honor Code, the College Sexual Misconduct Policy, and many other policies.


Students are responsible for their adherence to the standards enumerated in the Student Code of Conduct.  Faculty and staff can assist students by joining in the reading and discussion of its contents—and even by making suggestions for the evolution of the document during the year.  The Code belongs to the whole community, and is stewarded by the College Council, members of the Office of Student Affairs, and by our faculty.