Community Resources

The Women’s and Gender Center is committed to providing resources and support to our community. Our center supplies the following resources for students: organic pads and tampons, sexual health resources, books and films, self care items, gender-affirming resources (binders, packers, gaffs, and bra inserts), and pregnancy tests. We also have a computer where students can work and print for free, a TV, and a comfortable couch complete with blankets. This is not an exhaustive list. 

We strive to be your home away from home and are constantly working to expand our offerings. If you have ideas for resources in the WGC, email us at 

Sexual & Reproductive Health Resources Packet

This packet, originally created by Communications Organizer Logan Maniscalco ('24), came from noticing a lack of awareness about some of the resources offered at Amherst College regarding sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing. As these topics are not only very important but timely given the current political landscape in the U.S. for reproductive rights and sexual health, this packet serves to inform the community of available resources on Amherst College’s campus, within the Five College Consortium, Western Massachusetts, and nationally. This packet aims to equip Amherst College students with the knowledge and resources necessary to take charge of their autonomy, health, and wellbeing. It covers a variety of topics regarding sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing. If you notice a lack of certain information within this packet, please reach out to by email so we can ensure the most comprehensive information is available. Additionally, this packet will continue to be updated in future semesters as on and off campus information changes.