The WGC is Going Green

the WGC is going green!

Composting and Recycling

In August 2017, the WGC began composting as a part of our waste management process. Amherst College community members should put all compostable materials into the compost bin.  We will continue to recycle and have new bins in the new center space.


The WGC will continue to offer free coffee service, but we have switched from a Keurig to a regular coffee machine. This will decrease the amount of plastic we use. Using a coffee maker with filters is a much more sustainable choice.

Coffee Cups

The WGC will no longer provide disposable to-go cups for coffee. You can either bring your own to-go hot mug or you can stop by the WGC to pick up a WGC Ccoffee tumbler. Supplies are limited. You can also bring a porcelain mug to store in the WGC, but you are responsible for cleaning it after each use.

Where did all the cups go?

Printing and Paper

We will continue to be one of the only places on campus where students can print for free. However, we are switching to recylced paper. We also encourage all students to print double-sided.

Paper Products

The WGC will, wherever possible, use compostable paper products and dinnerware for events.


The new WGC space will include a variety of succulents and other plants that do not require a lot of water.

In Spring 2018, we will revisit this plan and meet with community stakeholders to discuss our steps for the 2018-2019 year.