Women’s and Gender Center

Women's and Gender Center

The Women's and Gender Center seeks to foster a critical awareness of gender and create an intentional space, accessible to students of all genders, that will serve as a resource and forum for topics and issues related specifically to women and, more broadly, to the experience of gender. The Center promotes learning about and exploring gender through personal experience, academic inquiry, community organizing, activism and discussion. 

The Women's & Gender Center (WGC) opened on the first floor of the Keefe Campus Center (in room 103A) in the spring of 2013 after a student-led initiative won support for the expansion and relocation of the previously established Women's Center. It houses the Elizabeth Bruss Memorial Resource Library, which is continuously expanding through acquisitions and donations. Current WGC initiatives include weekly and monthly programming; advising for individuals and student organizations; and activities designed to engage with gender issues in the Amherst curriculum, promote student leadership and foster community organizing and activism.

The Center is home to several student organizations. The Gender & Sexuality Network, The Gender Justice Collective, The Amherst Women’s Network, The Men’s Project, and The Women of Amherst are core constituents, while the Peer Advocates of Sexual Respect, Student Health Educators, It Happens Here, Women of Senate, Pride Alliance and Resident Counselors have also used the WGC for events and programs. All groups and organizations are welcome to use the space, though a reservation is required outside of regular, weekday hours.