Women’s and Gender Center

Writing for Campus Publications

If you are interested in writing a gender focused piece for an on campus publication, here is some useful information on whom you might approach. 

Circus accepts creative submissions include illustrations, poetry and stories. Submissions may be sent to circus@amherst.edu and the deadline for this semester is around late March/early April 2014. Contact Meghan McCullough '15 or the Circus email account for further information. 

It Happens Here Magazine:
It Happens Here Magazine serves as a space for  survivors of sexual violence and relationship abuse to speak about their experiences, in an effort to break down misconceptions and stereotypes about this form of violence, its victims, and its perpetrators. Submissions may be sent to sdixit13@gmail.com, or turned in through the submission box. Contact Sonum Dixit '13 (still around on campus doing research) for more details. 

The Indicator:

Interested writers can directly email amherstindicator@gmail.com, or speak to Elias Baez, John He or Ricky Altieri in person. Articles are typically one of two lengths: 1000 words or 2000 words. Article deadlines are hard to predict in advance. They depend on when we expect to print an issue, which is typically subject to change (due to campus events, more time required for editing, etc.). However, they add interested writers to their general mailing list, which keeps everyone up to date about brainstorming meetings, editing sessions, and layout times.


For guest posts there are no deadlines, and no real word counts, although articles usually aren't more than 2-3 pages on Word (a good guideline is to just look at the articles they have on the site to get the idea of the length). Guest posters should just send guests posts to amherstcollegevoice@gmail.com, or they can get in touch with the editor in cheif Gina Faldetta at gfaldetta16@amherst.edu. ACVoice requires that writers be willing to work with them during the editing process.