Queer Resource Center/LGBTQQIAA

Welcome to the Queer Resource Center!

 Welcome to the Queer Resource Center!!

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Our Services Include...

  • Friendly office staff that are available to talk and connect you with a variety of resources at Amherst College and within the Amherst community
  • A library including over 500 books and DVD's on queer history, health, religion, race, style, nationality, and much more
  • Queer magazines, periodicals, and newspapers
  • Public computers with FREE printing
  • SPEAK OUT! LGBTQ Speakers Bureau Program
  • Queer/Trans 101 Trainings
  • Free hot cup of coffee and tea
  • A safe, brave, and comfortable space for LGBTQIAP students to hang out
, study
, eat lunch
, host meetings, and learn about queer individuals and issues

Physical Location

 The Queer Resource Center is located in the basement of Morrow Residence Hall

Mailing Address

 Queer Resource Center * AC# 2065 * Keefe Campus Center * Amherst, MA 01002






 Monday-Friday 10am-5pm and Tuesday 10pm-12midnight