Queer Resource Center/LGBTQQIAA

Single-User Restrooms on the Amherst Campus

Gender-inclusive restrooms are a place where gender-variant and trans people can use the restroom without fear of gender policing, which often manifests as harassment and physical violence in gender-segregated spaces.The QRC recognizes the value of having all types of restrooms available – single, lockable stalls and multi-stalls, gender-segregated and gender-inclusive – and continues to advocate for restrooms that will serve all students’ needs on campus.

The QRC has identified restrooms on-campus, most of them are simply marked “Restroom.” These facilities are available and benefit everyone.

For a listing of these gender-inclusive restrooms, see below.

For a map of campus to find these buildings, click here.

For more information about trans people and restrooms, see the video "Toilet Training," available from the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Residence Halls

  • Chapman House
  • Charles Drew House, 1st floor
  • Charles Pratt Dormitory, 1 outside kitchen (1st floor), 1 inside Writing Center (1st floor),
  • Cohan, all floors
  • Garman House, 1st floor (other restrooms in the building are gender/sex non-specific)
  • Lipton House, 1 in basement, 4 on 1st floor
  • Hitchcock House, 1st floor
  • James Dormitory, 2 in basement 2 on 1st floor
  • Jenkins
  • Marsh (Arts) House, 1st floor
  • Mayo-Smith House, 3 on 1st floor, 1 on 2nd floor
  • Moore Dormitory, 1st floor
  • Morrow Dormitory, basement
  • Plimpton House
  • Porter House
  • Seligman House
  • Stearns Dormitory, 1st floor
  • Taplin 

Academic and Other Buildings

  • Arms Music Building,1st floor
  • Frost Library, B-level
  • Keefe Campus Center, 2nd floor
  • Merrill Science Center
  • O'Connor Commons (basement of Charles Pratt Dormitory, facing Merrill Science)