Queer Resource Center/LGBTQQIAA

Welcome to the Queer Resource Center!!

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Our services include

  • Friendly office staff who are available to talk to, as well as help you connect with a variety of resources at Amherst College and within the Amherst community

  • A library including over 500 books and DVD's on LGBTQ history, health, religion, and more

  • LGBTQ magazines and newspapers

  • Public computers with free printing

  • Free hot cup of joe or tea
  • A safe and comfortable space for LGBTQQIAA students to:
- Hang out
- Study
- Eat lunch
- Learn about LGBTQ individuals and issues

Physical Location

 The Queer Resource Center is located in the basement of Morrow Residence Hall

Mailing Address

 Queer Resource Center--AC# 2065--Keefe Campus Center--Amherst, MA 01002






Pride Alliance Pride Week Kick-Off BBQ


Pride Alliance Pride Week Kick-Off BBQ

Hanging Out in the Queer Resource Center

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National Equality March in DC!

Allies Week nail painting

In response to the J Crew ad controversy (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/04/11/jcrew-ad-showing-boy-pink-nail-polish-sparks-debate-gender-identity/), Pride Alliance encouraged everyone (all genders) to paint their nails any color(s) they wanted!

No H8

Allies Week

We support LOVE!


Reception for graduating seniors at Professor Corrales's home