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Local Catholic Communications -- interactive

Do something new.

Visit to access news of the local church, the Diocese of Springfield, MA.  And, check out CatholicTV there, too.

Do something bold.

Contribute YOUR comments, faith story, and  photos to the W. Mass. Catholic Voices Blog at  The blog editors are really interested in getting college voices up there. And, you can send you story, prayer, reflection via email to 

Do something spectacular!

Get together with a couple of friends and participate in a Chalice of Salvation Mass in Springfield. The Mass is recorded during the week  for Sunday broadcast on local TV. It is a real mainstay for many people in the Diocese who lack the mobility to participate in parish liturgies.  Give the Chalice staff a call at 413 452-0645 to learn when to come, what to expect. Visit the webpage at

NOTE: The Vatican decision to release a survey in preparation for the 2014 Synod on the Family has gone forward. See supporting letters at Vatican Questionnaire@Scribd. See articles about the survey at  National Catholic Reporter and National Catholic Register. There are a number of surveys posted at See the related documents and the complete survey posted by the BIshops of England and Wales at Complete Survey, England & Wales.See a survey posted by a parish in this diocese at Local Survey.