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Student Summer Housing Application

Summer Housing 2015


Thank you for you interest in summer housing. Students applying for Summer Housing at this time will be housed based on availability. Please be aware that summer housing is extremely tight, with priority given to students who've been approved to work for grant-specific research and/or designated departments within the college charged with hiring & housing student workers on campus.

Recent graduates studying for grad school entrance exams or any other Amherst students interested in summer housing who don't fit into one of the categories mentioned above can only be considered for summer housing AFTER all approved students have been housed, assuming space availability. We therefore strongly encourage students to seek off campus housing alternatives.

Chapman, Hitchcock, Plimpton, Tyler, and Valentine & select rooms in Cohan will be used as summer housing residences

Please note: Due to the required cleaning and maintenance of buildings during the summer months, students staying for a long term during the summer should anticipate being asked to move to accommodate essential work on buildings. We will inform students of these moves as information becomes available.

If you are working for a department on campus and they are paying for your housing, please have your employer fill out the Employer Summer Housing Form.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the summer housing standards listed below:


The student employee who submits this form acknowledges receipt of this policy and agreement with its contents.  The employee further agrees that administration of this policy will be by the Director of Human Resources whose decision will be final and not subject to appeal.  The Residential Life Office reserves the right to re-assign a student to another room.


Amherst College reserves the right to discharge any summer employee who engages in any conduct deemed by the College to be against the best interests of the College community.


Student employees living in College-owned housing agree to abide by all of the housing regulations in effect during the school year and in particular agree to the regulations attached hereto.

Rooms will be available on Wednesday, June 3rd, starting at 5 p.m. and must be vacated by Friday, August 28nd, at 7 p.m.  Keys will be available starting at 5 p.m. on June 3rd and may be picked up and signed for at Campus Police located in the Facilities building. Lost keys will be subject to normal school year replacement fees.  Upon vacating the room, students must return the key to Campus Police IMMEDIATELY. Amherst College furniture cannot be removed from the room during the summer.  Students will be fined accordingly.

All students in Summer Housing as of Friday August 28th, will roll over into their fall housing on that date.  When rooms become available and are no longer needed for summer housing programs, the students will be notified and may be able to move earlier.  This will be communicated on a case by case basis.

General custodial service will be provided to bathrooms and common areas.  Upon first entering room, employee should inspect his/her room and report any damage to Physical Plant immediately.  Employees are expected to leave their rooms clean and undamaged.  Rooms will be inspected after being vacated and the employee understands that any damage will be billed by the College and is the responsibility of the employee.  All common area damage not attributed and billed to an individual will be billed to all residence occupants.  Employees must provide linens and arrange for their own telephone service.  No unauthorized room changes are permitted. 

NOTE Rooms will be assigned by the Residential Life staff based on the availability of rooms, the room type preference indicated below, and the weeks that the student needs housing.  Student employees whose submissions are received by the May 1 deadline will be assigned housing first. Priority will be given to students employed full- or part-time by an Amherst College department ( a miminum of 15 hours/week) during the summer. Students who are not employed by a department or other college entity, but who wish to be on campus for other purposes such as thesis research may apply for housing, and will be housed based on availability AFTER approved student workers have been housed. Students need to adhere closely to the scheduled times they are required to be here, as we will not have flexibility should plans change mid-summer. Given the high demand for summer housing and the fact that we anticipate full occupancy, any request for summer housing received after May 1st cannot be guaranteed. Graduating seniors who are hired by a department are eligible for summer housing through August 22. They are not eligible for housing after that date.


Room rent for 2015 is $125 per week for a single room, and $100 per person per week for a double room. 

Students who are working during Commencement Reunion and who must be on campus for the start of summer housing, will remain in their C/R housing until 5:00 p.m.Wednesday June 3, when they rollover into summer housing.  

Students not on campus for Commencement Reunion, and who are required to be on campus for the start of summer housing on June 5 can also access summer housing beginning at 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 3. The cost for this short week will be 71.00 for a single room and 57.00 per person for a double, with a roommate. Each full week thereafter will be 125.00 for a single and 100.00 per person for a double, with a roommate. Given high demand, it will  be necessary to house some students in double rooms with another student.

Students who remain in Summer Housing for part of a week will be charged for the full week. This will allow us to make housing available to the greatest number of students.  Summer housing rents will be billed to returning students with the understanding that the amount assessed must be paid along with first semester tuition charges, etc. prior to the granting of clearance for fall registration.  If the employee wishes to pay rent in cash, those payments will be credited to employee's student account.  Employees who will not be attending Amherst College in the fall will be required to pay for their summer housing costs in advance. 


All student employees are responsible for their own meals.  Meals may be purchased on a cash basis in Valentine Hall.  Most summer dorms have very limited kitchen facilities. Students employees should anticipate having some if not most meals outside the dorms.  Housing will not be deteremined by where there are kitchens.  Housing assignments will be determined based upon availability, the student preference, and the LENGTH of Time and Dates that they are interested in living on campus.


Unless specifically authorized in writing by the College's Chief of Campus Police, possession of firearms on campus is forbidden.  Illegal or improper possession of drugs or alcohol is forbidden.  No summer employee may provide alcoholic beverages to persons below the 21 year legal drinking age.  An employee's signature on this document acknowledges that he/she understands both Massachusetts regulations/laws pertaining to usage and/or possession of alcohol and the College's policy statement on usage/possession of drugs and alcohol.


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