Residential Life

Chinese and Japanese House Application

Thank you for your interest in the Chinese and Japanese Language Houses, and please keep in mind that this page does not save any input if not submitted.

To which house are you applying? *
What Chinese/Japanese class level are you currently taking at Amherst? *
Next semester will mark the birth of the Chinese and Japanese Language Houses, and the form they take will in large part be shaped by the first people to live in them. Please tell us what your vision for your house is and how you want to help create it.
Is this house your first or second choice for a theme house? *
The space allotment and floor plan in Seligman is not yet entirely known. Would you be willing to live in a double? *
Note: this does not mean you are more likely to be assigned to a double. We just would like to know your preference in case you are.
Your signature in the above space will attest to your commitment to speak your house's language whenever possible with house members, to participate in weekly get-togethers as well as other activities in the house.
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