Residential Life

La Casa Cultural House

La Casa provides a residential environment for the promotion and expression of Latino cultures. Inherent in this promotion and expression is an understanding that the history of Latinos is a complex issue that unites and separates various groups of people in the United States. It also provides a safe space for such expression and promotion and brings together those students who have a demonstrated interest in celebrating and enhancing the awareness of Latino cultures through various activities within the college community.

La Casa was founded with the strong belief that such awareness and celebration is not confined solely within the boundaries of Amherst College. With this in mind, it requires that its participants organize community projects both on and off campus. Individuals are responsible for fulfilling the community service requirement. The House must also do at least one community service outreach project per semester as a group. Community service is seen as an integral part of the goals of the house.

Students interested in learning more are encouraged to attend our annual spring Open House Date Saturday February 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM on the 3rd floor of Moore dormitory.

Contact Information:
For any questions concerning La Casa, please contact the House Presidents: Irma Zamora or Juan Llamas