Residential Life

Theme House Supplemental Funding Application

Applications will need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for funding:

1.    All events must be appropriate to the specific theme house(s), in keeping with the goal of encouraging diversity on campus

2.    All events should be for the students of the campus; for events involving alumni, parents, and other special events, the event MUST be intended for the student community, otherwise funding will not be approved

3.    All events must be open and accessible to all students

4.    Funding for bands will be approved if the music is relevant to the theme house and the nature of the event

5.    Funding requests should be itemized and not an estimated amount range


1.      The application webform must be filled out completely.

2.      The theme house president needs to submit the application, indicating they are aware of the funding request.

3.      The budget area of the application requires a breakdown of how the funds will be used.

4.      Applications must be submitted  at least 2 weeks prior to the date of event.  Applications submitted less than 2 weeks prior to the event may not be funded.

The Application is approval for funding only and does not imply approval for the event

If you are planning to have alcohol or more than ~50 people attending, you must talk to Dean Fatemi in the Campus Center to fill out a party or event notification form. As she will explain, any event with over 100 people is required by Massachusetts law to have a crowd manager. Failure to follow these protocols will result in the event being shut down by Amherst College Police.

When planning the event within a dorm, you must contact the RC of the building you want to hold the event in and complete a Common Area Reservation Form.

If your event is being held in public space, you must see Dean Hannah Fatemi, Director of the Campus Center to complete a Party Notification Form.

If the event is in a house that is next door to town residents, you are responsible for posting the Amherst College Party Notification Letter.  Visit the Residential Life Office in Converse 105 for this information.

If your event includes an outside contract, please see Dean Hannah Fatemi, Director of the Campus Center, to review the contract.

All services or performances must use a Residential Life Performance/Services contract.

Contact person is encouraged to visit the Residential Life Office in Converse Hall discuss the event.

Any party or individual who submits false information or wrongfully deviates from the pre-approved payment arrangement may be asked to pay the amount in question out of pocket and forfeit one’s house from requesting funds for a period of one year.

You must provide answers to all questions.  Applications must be dubmitted AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO PROGRAM.  Failure to meet this deadline may result in a denial of the application.

Date of Program: *
Time of Program: *
Other Funding
Other possible funding sources are: President’s Office Dean of Students Academic Departments Social Council Campus Center Resident Counselors Program Board Interdepartmental Fund Student Government
Have you secured additional funding from other sources? *
Please provide a detailed breakdown of how you anticipate spending the funds (i.e. band or other performing group, food, decorations, advertising, supplies, etc.) NOTE: If you plan to hire a band or other performer, you must submit a performance contract.
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