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Porter Russian House Application

Thank you for your interest in the Russian House, and please keep in mind that this page will not save any input if not submitted. It is recommended that you type out responses in a word document and cut and paste answers onto this application.

The Russian Language Theme House Program exists for students who want to learn about Russian culture through its language and who want to make Russian culture more prominent on campus. Residents of the Russian House are expected to speak Russian with each other in the house as much as possible and to take advantage of the presence of the native speakers (native speakers and advanced language students are expected to take some initiative, particularly with residents more hesitant about their speaking skills). Members of the house will also be expected to participate in preparation for cultural all-campus events (two Friday or Saturday nights per semester) and weekly language oriented events within the house (every Thursday night) and to attend the Russian table in Valentine (every Friday during lunch).

Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who are either currently studying Russian or speak the language fluently already (not necessarily native speakers) are eligible to apply. Fluency is not required. Residents will be selected by the faculty advisor to the House based on the evaluation of their application.

The application deadline is November 1st for the spring semester and February 27th for the fall semester.

The faculty advisor to the Russian House, upon consultation with the Dean's office, can require a resident to move out if the resident does not contribute to the house or fails to follow the house policies.

Be specific about why you chose this activity, when it would take p;ace, and how you would get people involved.
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