Residential Life

Health & Wellness Quarter

 Front of Morrow
 "Being the RC in the Health and Wellness Theme House is a wonderful experience. It's great to live with people who share similar (sub-free) interests, and still know how to have fun."

-- Natashia Hines '07, RC 2005-2006





The Health and Wellness Quarter provides an alternative housing experience for Amherst College students seeking to live in an environment free of alcohol and drugs. The theme house was founded so that students who prefer to live in a substance-free residential area could do so with the support and respect of their peers.


The house currently occupies the second floor of Valentine dormitory.

Students interested in learning more are encouraged to attend our annual spring Open House: Wednesday February 18th from 7:00 - 9:00 PMon the 2nd floor of Valentine Dormitory

Contact Information:

For any questions concerning the Health and Wellness Quarter, please contact the House President, Ruolin He or the House Advisor, Denise McGoldrick, Director of Health Education.