Residential Life

HEALTH and Wellness Application

Thank you for your interest in Health and Wellness Quarter, and please keep in mind that this page will not save any data if not submitted. It is recommended that you type out responses in a word document and cut and paste answers.

After submitting this application, you must print and fill out Part II and submit it to your current RC. Your RC will submit this confidential evaluation to Denise McGoldrick, the Health and Wellness advisor. Once you have submitted your completed application, you will receive an e-mail message with instructions for scheduling your interview.

Is Health and Wellness your first choice or second choice for a theme house? *
A completed application is considered a contractual agreement by future residents to avoid alcohol consumption, smoking, and/or other drug use while in any Health and Wellness space (dorm rooms, community areas, and the immediate area surrounding the building). House members are responsible for their behavior, as well as for the behavior of any guests they bring into Health and Wellness space.
If residents choose to drink or smoke while away from the House, they agree not to return to the house intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of drugs. We ask each applicant to express his/her commitment to abide by these guidelines and the spirit of Health and Wellness.
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