Residential Life

Residential Life Positions

Area Coordinators

Five Area Coordinators work with the various types of campus residences. They supervise the Resident Counselors, help in the organization of social, educational, and cultural activities, and serve as a liaison with Facilities staff. In addition, they are available as a resource and support for students. All four reside in campus housing.

Resident Counselors

In February and March of each year, 60 Resident Counselors are selected from the current first-year, sophomore, and junior classes. The Resident Counselors are expected to be peer advisors, community builders, and campus leaders in their residence halls and to serve as liaisons between the students and the Office of Residential Life and the Dean of Students Office. It is also a good opportunity for students to learn about themselves in relation to other people and to develop a wide range of skills that can be used beyond the scope of this position. RCs live in the residences and are expected to have an openness toward and concern for others, as well as a wide knowledge of the various aspects of the College (for which they will receive training). The job requires a general readiness to aid students in their transition to the College and to assist all students as needed throughout their college experience.

To apply, students should complete the online application. It is also suggested that applicants speak to as many Resident Counselors as possible to obtain a sense of the position and its responsibilities.

Any students wishing to apply for a position and who will be studying abroad during the interviewing process can apply and Skype interviews will be arranged. Students should watch their e-mail and this site for information about applications and interviews.