Residential Life

Staying on Campus this Thanksgiving?

Miss Home Cooking, A Cozy Couch, The Family Dog? Share a Meal with a Member of the Amherst Community over Thanksgiving Break!

While many Amherst students head home for Thanksgiving break, a growing number now need to remain on campus.  In response, the college is enhancing the services and activities that will be available on campus for those who need to stay over breaks.  What we can’t provide is what many students miss most—home-cooked meals and family time. 

Amherst College faculty and staff want to help and are hosting students for meals over Thanksgiving break.  Sign up by responding to the questions below, and clicking submit. By doing so, you are permitting us to share your contact information with potential hosts.  Your host will contact you via email or phone to make arrangements. Since hosts will be making preparations and are volunteering their time, students should make every effort to follow through on plans once they are made and to be in communication with hosts promptly, should a change of plans become necessary.

What day(s) would you be interested and available to join a host for a meal and a visit? *
^Note: A traditional Thanksgiving meal will be provided for all students who remain on campus on Thanksgiving Day.

If the host lives beyond walking distance, or away from bus access, do you need transportation? *
Please note that any students whose names you list must independently fill out and submit this webform, listing your name in this field. All students will be paired with at least one other student when visiting the host's house.

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