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For $1.99 grab a half-dozen bagel sleeve from the day-old bagel bin at Breuggers.

Alternatively, if you go on Wednesday you can buy a dozen fresh bagels for $5.99. Consider picking up some Philadelphia cream cheese at CVS, though, because Bruegger's cream cheese can be quite expensive.

Location: just past CVS; 170 North Pleasant Street, Amherst


They make their own bread, and serve a mean breakfast for the best prices in valley. Bring cash though, as they do not accept cards.

Location: across the street from Whole Foods in Hadley; 326 Russell Street (Rte. 9)

Kelly's Restaurant

A diner. "The coffee is always hot and flowing. The pancakes are always perfect and eggs cooked just the way you like em. Good hash and omelets that are so consistent it's almost scary. And, not many places can do a poached egg like they can." (a review on

Location: east on Route 9, just past Dunkin Donuts; 314 College St, Amherst; right next to Mom's House (below)

Lunch & Dinner

Mom's House Chinese

Local secret and the cheapest Chinese in town. Be sure to check out their foreign candy selection.

Location: east on Route 9, just past Dunkin Donuts; 318 College St, Amherst; right next to Kelly Restaurant (above)

Mi Tierra

Mexican food at its most authentic. If you've never tasted mole, order the fajitas con mole.  FYI:

Location: 206 Russell Street, Hadley


$ 5.00 foot-long sandwich. Plus they're open super-late: 11pm on Sunday, 12 am Mon-Wed, 2am Thurs-Sat.  

Location: Center of town

Quizno's Sandwiches

Location: 181 University Drive (in the Big Y shopping center)

House of Teryaki

"The menu here is quite extensive and ranges from sushi to Japanese favorites to Korean and none of these choices ever disappoint.  The corn tea is a nice way to start off your meal and their ginger salad dressing should be bottled.  The kimchee and yellow radish panchan are delectable..." (from a review on

Location: 1177 N Pleasant St, Amherst

Zhang's Kitchen

Chinese take-out

Location: south on Route 116 (towards Hampshire College); 1177 N Pleasant St, Amherst