Residential Life

Kitchens Around Campus

Note: It is very important that you clean up after yourselves, and leave the kitchen and utensils clean and ready for the next student to use.

Cohan, Drew, Garman, Newport, Moore, Chapman (across from the gym), Humphries (the Zu), Marsh, Plimpton, Tyler


Many dorms with kitchens have basic equipment available there.  Also, the Amherst Culnary Club has the following utensils available to check out during break:

  • cutting boards, flexible (6)
  • knives, large (2)
  • knives, small paring (2)
  • colander
  • frying pan, large
  • baking pans, large (2)
  • spoon, large
  • spatula for grilling
  • tongs
  • blender
  • large cooler

Contact Jessica Mestre ( to see what is available and to arrange pick-up.

Grocery Shopping

There are lots of options just down the road in Hadley, accessible by bus (PVTA) or a nice bike ride down the bike path.

Big Y 

Location: 175 University Drive, Amherst

Super Stop and Shop

Location: 440 Russell Street, Hadley


A new discount grocery store

Location: in the Home Depot shopping center, 354 Russell Street, Hadley

Trader Joe's

Location: 375 Russell Street, Hadley

Maple Farm Foods

Location: 10 S Maple St, Hadley

Atkins Farm Country Market

Atkins incorporates all sorts of local food into their selection, much of which is harvested on their own farm. If you haven't had there cider donuts, be sure to grab a 1/2 dozen at the checkout counter.

Location:  1150 West Street, Amherst


Check out the PVTA bus schedules linked below before you go stand in the cold!


 South Amherst (to get to Atkins):