Student Employment

A Step-by-Step Guide for International Students

On-Campus Employment Process

Step 1 - Find a Job

Amherst does not have a centralized student employment center. Students apply for available jobs directly through on-campus employers such as; Valentine Dining Hall, Physical Plant Department, Library, Art Museum, Information Technology, Athletic Department/Gym, etc. Positions are often times posted on Jobs on Campus site: or the “Daily Announcement” section of the College’s intranet.

Students may submit multiple applications to several on-campus employers. Depending on what job offers are received, a student may decide to work for one on-campus employer, or several on-campus employers. The only restrictions are:

● A student may not work more than twenty hours per week total during the weeks when classes are in session.

● It is recommended to work only 6-8 hours per week during the semester.

● During vacation times, a student may work "full-time" up to 40 hours per week.

● It is not necessary to have a social security number in order to obtain an on-campus job. In fact, an international student cannot obtain a social security number until after an actual job is secured.

Step 2 – Begin to Work

A student may begin working whenever the on-campus employer prefers. Students may begin working immediately while waiting to apply and receive a social security number.

Step 3 -Upon Securing a Job--Notifying the Dean of Students Office

Upon securing a position, students need to notify The Dean of Students Office by completion of the Notification of Employment web form (located on the Dean of Students’ web page). It is very important that this information be completed listing the student’s full name as it appears on their valid passport. Upon notification, The Dean of Students Office will obtain an "On-Campus Employment Confirmation Form" from the on-campus employer which will reflect the details of the student’s employment and is one of the required forms by the Social Security Office.

Step 4 - Required Documentation & Social Security Application Information

Upon completion of the above steps, The Dean of Students will notify the student of the readiness of a Social Security Package which will include:

● An “On-Campus Employment Confirmation Form” (Prepared by the department of hire)

● A “Letter of Verification” from the Dean of International Student Affairs

● An “Official Social Security Number Application (SS-5 Form)”

● Additional instructions about the application process.

The Dean of Students Office will contact the student via email when the documents are available.

Step 5 - Apply for your Social Security Number at a Local Social Security Office

Social Security Transportation is also available via pre-arranged trips by the Dean of Students Office. For information on trip dates and times, as well as to request a reservation to attend one of the trips, visit the Dean of Student’s web page at:

Please be advised that space is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Step 6 - Make an appointment with Nancy Robinson of the Financial Aid Office to complete additional paperwork for on-campus employment

Schedule an appointment with Ms. Robinson by either stopping in to the Office of Financial Aid (Room B-5 Converse Hall) or by calling 542-2296.

In your meeting, Ms. Robinson will assist you in filling out a variety of wage and tax forms required by the U.S. government and will explain issues of possible taxation of your income.

All students working on campus must go to the Financial Aid Office to fill out this employment paperwork, whether a recipient of financial aid or not. Please bring to your meeting with Ms. Robinson your visa, passport, I-20AB and I-94 forms and the "Receipt for Application for Social Security Number." Also bring your banking information with you to set-up Direct Deposit.

REMEMBER:  You cannot be paid for hours worked until you have completed all steps 1-6.


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