Student Employment

The Office of Communications - Summer Website Redesign

The Office of Communications is looking for student employees to help us move and update hundreds of pages on over the summer. You must be detail-oriented; self-motivated but also able to follow instructions closely; and have some familiarity with Amherst’s website page editing tools. Some knowledge of HTML is preferred, but not required. Experience using Photoshop or other image editing app is a plus.

Expected start date: Late May/early June 2015

Hours: As needed, not to exceed 20 hours per week

Location: 79 South Pleasant St., Amherst

Pay: To be determined. Please let us know about any previous experience working for the College.

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Campus Center Manager for 2015-2016 Academic Year

Department Name: Office of Student Life

Job Title: Campus Center Manager

Term/Start Date: Fall 2015

Job Description: This position acts as building manager for the Keefe Campus Center, during hours of operation. The Campus Center Manager serves as the first point of contact for visitors to Amherst College as well as a helpful resource for current students, staff, and faculty.

▪Work with those using Keefe to ensure needs are taken care of in a courteous manner while maintaining the space’s integrity (i.e. cleanliness, safety, locking up at the end of operation hours)

▪Do hourly rounds of the building checking on the usage of each room and maintenance of facilities.

▪Greet visitors to the center, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

▪Check out games and equipment to visitors and maintain logs of usage.

▪Provide information about the Amherst College campus and community to visitors.

Maintain logs for lost and found, key usage to centers, and general observations of Campus Center needs.

▪Work directly with Events and Operations Coordinator for Student Life, Paul Gallegos, for daily EMS (event management system) setup needs and specific requests of patrons utilizing the space.

▪Maintain bulletin boards in accordance with Keefe Campus Center poster policy.

▪Other duties as assigned.

Approximate Number of Hours: Students are able to work a maximum of twenty (20) hours in this capacity if the position serves as the only form of employment. Otherwise, hours must be curtailed to accommodate hour obligations for other positions around campus to stay within the twenty (20) hour limit.

Shifts are generally broken up into 2.5-3 hr. blocks, allowing for accommodation of individual academic/extracurricular schedules. Consecutive shifts can be assigned if suitable.

Hourly Wage: $9.00


▪Fluency with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, etc.).

▪Demonstrable ability to work well in a customer service oriented atmosphere.

▪Dependability and punctuality.

▪Ability to work within the Google Drive platform.

▪Strong communication skills (verbal, correspondence).

▪A general work-with demeanor; an appreciation for a team atmosphere.

▪General responsibility to fulfill time obligations and respect the time of others in a fast-paced and highly transitional position.

Application Deadline: May 16, 2015

Contact Person: Paul Gallegos, Events and Operations Coordinator for Student Life

How to Apply: E-mail resume and letter of interest to

Phonathon Callers Needed in June

Department Name: Annual Fund

Job Title: Phonathon Caller (June calling)

Term/Start Date: Monday, June 1 – Tuesday, June 30, 2015; training session Monday, June 1

Job Description: The Amherst College Annual Fund raises money for Amherst’s top priority financial needs, including funding for scholarships and financial aid for current students such as you and/or your friends. The Annual Fund must reach out to alumni and parents each and every year to encourage annual donations to meet the college’s financial needs. One of the ways we do this is through the student Phonathon. Annual Fund Phonathon Callers can take pride in knowing that they make a substantial impact in raising essential funds for the college.

Your role as a student caller is to contact alumni and parents, engage them in conversation about their experiences and yours at Amherst, update them with news about the college, and ask for their financial support. Working with the Phonathon team has many benefits including the opportunity to build your resume by enhancing your communication skills, the opportunity to connect and network with alumni, and the satisfaction in knowing that the funds you raise for Amherst make a big difference. Plus it’s fun!

Approximate Number of Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. (15 hours / week)

Requirements: Comfort on the phone a must. Reliability, punctuality, and good attendance required. All callers should be available to attend the training session and all calling shifts. Limit two excused absences. This is a limited term position looking to hire 15 callers.

Hourly Wage: $10.00 / hour

How to Apply: Email resume to Nicole Sibley ( Please include three dates and times you would be available for a phone interview in the body of the email as well as a few words about your interest. Applicants will be contacted to confirm a time for the phone interview.

Application Deadline: Friday, May 22 or when job is filled.

Office of Student Affairs - Student Driver

Department Name: Office of Student Affairs

Job Title: Student Driver

Term/Start Date: ASAP

Job Description: Driver to transport students to the Social Security office in Holyoke, MA in Amherst College vehicle.

Approximate Number of Hours: As-needed

Requirements: You must be a currently credentialed driver through Campus Police

Hourly Wage: $10 per hour

How to Apply: 

Contact Name: Leena Valge

Address: 201 Converse Hall, Office of Student Affairs

Application Deadline: Ongoing until filled

Office of Communications Seeks Student Staff Photographers (Still/Video)

The Amherst College Office of Communications is seeking to hire experienced photographers and videographers who are both skilled and creative in the production of visual content that is neither posed nor staged. Those who advance in this process know how to measure exposure, compose, document important moments, produce video shorts under tight deadlines and thrive in ever-changing environments. Each interested candidate should send a link to online work, resume and cover letter to Rob Mattson, Amherst's new media content developer, at

Student Security Monitor

Department Name:  Police Department  

Job Title: Student Security Monitor

Term/Start Date: September 1, 2014

Job Description: Student Security are paid student employees who provide services for college sponsored events at the direction of the Amherst College Police Department. 

Approximate Number of Hours:  4 – 8 hours a week

Requirements: Must be able to work nights and weekends.

Hourly Wage:  $9.50

How to Apply:  Send an email of interest to

Contact Name: Sergeant Jeffrey Shea

Address: The police office is located in the Service Building.  Open 24 hours a day.

Application Deadline:  Positions available until filled.

Five College Center for the Study of World Languages

Five College Center for the Study of World Languages

Job Title: Conversation Partners

Term/Start Date: Employees are hired by the semester

Job Description: On campus employment for Amherst College international students and native speakers of less-commonly studied languages. The FiveCollege Center for the Study of World Languages is seeking applications from native speakers to be conversation partners. The Center accepts applications in many languages including: Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic (all dialects), Bangla/Bengali, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech, Dari, Filipino, Georgian, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Mongolian, Nepali, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Romanian, Shona, Slovak, Swahili, Tajik, Thai, Turkish, Twi, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Wolof, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu, and other less-commonly studied languages.  We are seeking in particular: NORWEGIAN, FINNISH, DANISH, ICELANDIC, DUTCH, HAITIAN CREOLE, AND THAI.

Conversation partners work 2-4 hours per week with individuals or small groups of students to facilitate conversation practice in the language. Conversation partners serve as a living link between the students and the language and culture being studied.

Approximate Number of Hours: 2 to 4 hours per week

Requirements: Conversation partners must have native or near native spoken fluency in the language and must also be able to read and write in the language.

Hourly Wage: stipend based on a starting hourly rate of $12.50/hr

How to Apply: To apply, go to For questions, e-mail

Contact Name: Jess Deshayes



Nancy A. Robinson
Student Employment Coordinator
Office of Financial Aid
B-5 Converse Hall
(413) 542-8228