"America Reads/America Counts" Tutor Program

Amherst College participates in the federal government's "America Reads Challenge," a nation-wide program designed to employ college students as reading tutors to help insure that all children will read independently and on grade level by third grade. More information about the program can be found here: America Reads/Counts

Getting Started

  1. Apply to the tutor position in Workday: Tutor for America Reads/Counts 

  2. Send an email indicating your interest to eshaw@amherst.edu  

  3. If your work eligibility is confirmed, make an in-person appointment to complete a CORI authorization form at: https://student-employment-office.youcanbook.me/

To your appointment, please bring:

  • A printed copy of this form completed up to "do not write below this line"  or emailed to eshaw@amherst.edu 

  • An original and unexpired government-issued ID (such as a state-issued driver's license, state-issued identification card with photo, passport, permanent resident ID card, or military identification card)

  1. Once your CORI authorization form has been submitted, you will receive an email alerting you to the next step through our Five College/Amherst College Minor Safety coordinator. You must complete this is order to complete the CORI check. Once complete, your Minor Safety Certification will be good for 3 years. Please note that most tutoring sites will require you to complete a CORI as well.

  2. Attend an Overview Training and Extended Training Workshop. After each training, submit your hours through Workday.


Overview training sessions for America Reads are about one to one and a half hours long, paid, and designed to educate students on the America Reads objective as well as reasonable exceptions of them as tutors out in the community. Attendance for one of these sessions is mandatory. 

You are also required to attend the paid extended training workshop held once a semester.                                                   
Students interested in working with adults through the family literacy component should attend the initial mandatory orientation session. Specific training for tutoring adults will be available through one of the authorized family literacy sites.

Training for America Counts will be conducted by site supervisors at the school or program sites.

If you were an America Reads tutor last year and completed an orientation and extended training session, you are not required to attend additional training sessions unless you choose to do so. You are, however, encouraged to participate in the reflection sessions held later in the semester.

Securing a Tutoring Position

As part of a Five College cooperative effort, Amherst College has partnerships with several agencies and area schools to assist students in gaining reading tutor positions. Tutoring placements are not guaranteed. Students are also encouraged to seek their own tutoring experiences in agencies or schools that meet the criteria for the America Reads program. 

Schools and programs that might qualify include those that serve children of pre-school age through grade six and family literacy programs where participating adults have children who are also receiving tutoring under the program. 

Getting Paid

Once a tutoring position has been secured with a local school or agency, a contract will be drawn outlining the terms of your employment with the school. Once the contract has been signed by you and the agency, you will be able to begin working as a tutor. Time sheets will have to be completed by you at the tutoring site, signed by an on-site supervisor, and submitted by email to the Student Employment Office at seo@amherst.edu

In addition to the timesheets provided, tutors will have to enter their hours worked in Workday in order to get paid.

In order to be paid for time spent in the initial orientation session, extended training sessions, time sheets must be submitted in Workday. Money earned as an America Reads or America Counts tutor counts towards your authorized term-time Work-Study earning eligibility.

Your Responsibilities as a Tutor

Please remember that while working in the community, you are representing Amherst College. The agency or school you work for is relying upon you. You are serving the community's children, and your work is very important. Do not consider becoming an America Reads or America Counts tutor unless you are willing to commit yourself to the program, its goals and the children or adults you are serving. Remember that you will be subject to the same guidelines and rules you would be if you were working on campus.