What We Do

Bring Speakers, Register Voters, Host Debates, Campaign for Political Candidates, Encourage Activism, Talk Politics, Meet Local Politicians.  

Contact information: democrat@amherst.edu, lpevsner14@amherst.edu, rwettick14@amherst.edu

Amherst Democrats 2012-13 Executive Board

Presidents: Laurence Pevsner '14, Rebecca Wettick '14

Vice-Presidents: Jamal Mtshali '15, Pierre Joseph '15

Treasurer: Gabriel Owen '14

Secretary: June Pan '13

Mission Statement

We, democratic-minded students of Amherst College, have come together to form the Amherst College Democrats as a forum for Democratic politics. We have a responsibility to encourage political thinking, political expression,and political activism at Amherst College.

We empower students to act on the highest principles of the Democratic Party by uniting to promote Democratic ideals in our community. Thus, we work both on and off campus to create forums of, to educate about, and to campaign for the progressive Democratic agenda.