Hillel Board Members - FALL 2014


Hillel is led by a Board of students under the guidance of the Jewish Religious Advisor, Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer. We meet weekly and welcome members to drop by with their concerns, ideas, and energy!

Feel free to contact any of the Board members with questions pertaining to their position or Jewish life in general.

Jewish Religious Advisor/Hillel Director:  Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer   Email Rabbi Bruce

Israel Programs Coordinator/CJP I-ACT Fellow:  Rachel Frank     Email Rachel

Leadership Team:   Anna Donat '16  (Abroad) Josh Ferrer '17   Michael Harmon '16

 Isa Goldberg '17

Liam Fine '17

Nick Kafker '17

Destin Groff '17


We want your input.  Join Hillel's E-Board to build your dream Jewish community. 

Open Positions:  Interfaith/MFC Liason, Israel Action Chair, Religious Chair, Social Chair, Tikkun Olam and Web Coordinator