Submitted by Steven A. Levy on Thursday, 12/26/2013, at 10:59 PM



  • Co-Presidents: Carl Lampe '15 and Greg Lewis '15
  • Vice Presidents: Brad Tingley '15, Quincy McDougal '15, and Eleanor Anderson '15
  • Treasurer: Connor Byrne '15
  • Founder and Director Emeritus: Steven Levy '13
  • Student-Veteran: Michael Chioke '15


Meeting Information

Place: Paino Lecture Hall

Time: Thursdays 7:30-8:30 PM



The Amherst College Military Support Corps is an organization devoted to supporting veterans and their families. Our mission is to raise awareness of contemporary events impacting the military, such as developments in the War in Afghanistan and pending legislation impacting jobless veterans. Additionally, we run supply drives to help our troops overseas, fundraisers for various military charities, and events to write letters to soldiers. Our organization is counseled by four honorary advisors from the United States Military Academy at West Point: Todd Brewster, Lieutenant Commander Scott Granger, Major John Ringquist, and Diana Ringquist.

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