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The Amherst College Wildlife Sanctuary, located east of the campus, was developed in 1933. At that time the College administration began cleaning up sixty wooded acres there to provide work for needy students and town residents. Over the next several years, the sanctuary was cleared of undergrowth, the brooks were cleared and dammed to form two ponds for aquatic life, and a hiking trail was developed. The wildlife sanctuary is now a natural arboretum and wildflower garden beloved by many members of the College.

Historical Information Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections:


Letter from President Stanley King to the Board of Trustees submitted July 9, 1942

Report on the Wildlife Sanctuary submitted by Alfred Goodale on January 15, 1946

Newspaper Clippings:

The Springfield Sunday Union and Republican: May 20, 1933

The Springfield Sunday Union and Republican: December 23, 1934

Amherst Student and Graduate Quarterly 1935-1937


Early Map