The Amherst College Wildlife Sanctuary is the site of ongoing teaching and research by students and faculty. The land is also actively managed by our Facilities Department to support conservation of animals such as grassland birds and turtles.

A small blue bird being held by its feet

Bird Survey

Our bird survey data was compiled from a combination of field work, breeding bird survey data for 2007-2008 from Harvey Allen, Christmas Count results for 1999 through 2007 from Craig Allen, and Grassland Bird Survey results from the mid-1990’s.

A bird in a person's hand

Tree Swallow Research

Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies Ethan Clotfelter and his students have been studying nesting tree swallows in the Wildlife Sanctuary since 2004. Learn more and see their publications.

A student tying a radio around a tree in the woods

Mammal Monitoring

Trail cameras are placed in the Wildlife Sanctuary to allow us to explore which large mammals spend time in the area and learn more about their activities and behavior.

A tent in an open field under a blue sky

Insect Monitoring

Beginning in 2020, Amherst College students have used passive Malaise traps to collect small samples of aerial insects as part of a continent-wide monitoring initiative. Learn more and read the first results of that collaboration.