The Amherst College Wildlife Sanctuary Stewardship Committee is composed of two members of the Faculty, the Director of Facilities Planning and Management, the Grounds Supervisor, two other staff members (either Trustee appointees or staff appointees), and two students. The Faculty members of the committee are appointed by the Committee of Six and serve for three-year terms. The Advisory Committee on Personnel Policies appoints the staff members, who serve three-year terms. The two student members of the committee are elected by the Association of Amherst Students each year. The committee, which is charged with the long-term oversight and management of the sanctuary, recommends priorities and policies; oversees academic, research, and other uses of the sanctuary; and acts as a steward for the sanctuary’s wildlife and habitats. The committee may be advised by the conservation director (current or former) of the town of Amherst and other consultants.


Jim Brassord, Director of Facilities/Associate Treasurer for Campus Services

Ethan Clotfelter, Associate Professor of Biology

Michael Hood, Associate Professor of Biology

Samuel Morse, Professor of the History of Art/Asian Languages & Civilizations

Robert Shea, Grounds Supervisor

Pete Westover, Conservation Works, LLC