Fall 2012

Plays in Play: The Ensemble and the Playwright

Listed in: Theater and Dance, as THDA-242

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Ronald Dean Bashford (Section 01)


In this course, students conduct a semester-long rehearsal investigation into the work of a particular playwright, and explore ways in which coordinated action renders distinctive writing in theatrical form.  We will examine selected plays, background material, and study theatrical conventions related to the selected playwright, and we will  practice ensemble techniques of close textual investigation, acting and staging.  Emphasis is placed on the means and practical advantages of developing a shared vision, and on the analytical and performative ways of communicating required to do so.  While primarily geared toward students interested in acting and directing, the course is designed to develop a collaborative model of the functions of acting, directing, designing and dramaturgy.  All students should expect to act, co-direct, conduct research, and explore basic design implications together.  The course will culminate in a workshop-style performance.  This course may be repeated once when the playwright/topic is different.  The chosen playwright for fall of 2012 is Molière. 

Requisite: A prior course in THDA or permission of the instructor. Not open to first-year students. Limited to 20 students. Fall semester. Professor Bashford. 

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Artistic Practice, Community Based Learning


2016-17: Offered in Fall 2016
Other years: Offered in Fall 2012, Fall 2014, Fall 2015