Department Specific Emergency Action Plans


Emergency - Call Amherst College Police 

(413) 542-2111 

(Ambulance, Fire, Police, and Hazardous Conditions)

February 2017


Johnson Chapel Flood - February 2012.JPG

It is the responsibility of each department at Amherst College to have an Emergency Plan (EP). 

The EP is a basic emergency response plan for all types of emergencies, including but not limited to fires and medical emergencies.  One of the most important aspects of the EP (Emergency Plan) is to initiate an emergency response by calling the Amherst College Police Department at 413-542-2111.

  • Departments need to be independently responsible for their own personnel, equipment, areas and special concerns, until additional resources from the campus become available.
  • Emergency Plans for departments should identify responsible persons, internal communication plans, personnel accountability procedures, specific departmental functions and needs such as animal care and chemical storage, necessary actions, special types of emergencies and  specific business continuity protocols.
  • Amherst College, including individual departments must plan for those types of emergencies that might require us to be completely self-sufficient, until the necessary resources are made available.
  • Comprehensive EP’s have already been developed and implemented  by larger campus departments, such as Athletics, Dining Services, Facilities, Frost Library, Mead Art and the Natural History Museum at Beneski.
  • Individual departments should conduct a Departmental Hazard and Risk Management Assessment (DHRMA), a comprehensive assessment of the department’s ability to handle emergency situations, including emergency egress, personnel accountability and special needs, and to be able to maintain our core responsibilities, to the best of our abilities.

Departments should identify a primary and secondary Emergency Coordinator, and complete the “Emergency Plan Blank Forms for Departments” located in the left panel, and return it to the Department of Emergency Management.