Dormitory Emergency Evacuation Procedure


Emergency - Call Amherst College Police 

(413) 542-2111 

(Ambulance, Fire, Police, and Hazardous Conditions)

January 2012




Fire Alarm and Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation of this building is required whenever the Fire Alarm "Sounds"

A. Prior to a Fire Alarm or Fire Drill...

Evacuation Plan
  1. Learn the location of your two (2) closest Emergency Exits and the Fire Alarm Pull Station.
  2. Learn the campus emergency phone number - ext. 2111
  3. Ask your RC or your Counselor about your designated meeting place, once outside the building
  4. Review emergency evacuation procedures located on the inside of your residence hall room.

B. If the Fire Alarm "Sounds"...

  1. Proceed to the door of your room and check it for heat with the back of your hand.
    • If COOL, open the door slowly and check for smoke in the hall
      - If no smoke, go to the nearest Exit and evacuate the building.
    • If HOT, or if there is SMOKE present in the corridor DO NOT open the door.
    - Stay in the room.
    - Pack towels or blankets under the door.
    - Telephone Amherst College Police - 2111
    - Wave a brightly colored item out the window for ease of recognition
  2. If you can evacuate your room, safely...
    • Close the door to your room as you leave (do not lock it).
    • Proceed to the closest EXIT and evacuate the building.
    • Meet at your pre-designated area outside and away from the building for accountability
      • Verify that everyone in your group has made it to safety
        • If not, and there is a FIRE contact the Amherst College Campus Police.
  3. Stay away from the building for reason of personal safety and firefighter accessibility.
  4. Do not re-enter the building until the fire alarm has been "silenced" and the Amherst Fire Department or the Amherst College Police has granted permission.