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The Amherst College Police Department is initially responsible for the health and safety of the Amherst College Campus Community. They are responsible for:

  1. monitoring the Amherst College Fire Alarm System
  2. receiving the initial report of chemical spill or fire and reporting it to the proper Amherst College Personnel or the Amherst Fire Department
  3. determining the need for the ambulance or other emergency response personnel.
  4. responding to the scene of the emergency
  5. meeting with the calling party at the main door or other predetermined location.
  6. establishing initial Incident Command until the arrival of the Amherst Fire Department, Amherst College Incident Commander, Environmental Health & Safety or the Chemical Hygiene Officer.
  7. establishing a cold zone (chemically safe area)
  8. setting up site security and preventing unauthorized access to the leak or spill
  9. assessing the scene of the emergency and requesting the necessary information, equipment and supplies
  10. site accountability and whether or not all persons were safely evacuated
  11. establishing Incident Command and Unified Command (Amherst Fire Department or Facilities) and providing crowd control and public information
  12. initiating the response of all necessary Amherst College personnel including:
    • Administration
    • Communications
    • Additional Police Officers
    • Chemical Hygiene Officer
    • Facilities Director or Designee
    • Environmental Health & Safety
    • Engineering
    • Carpentry Shop
    • Custodial and Special Services
    • Electric Shop
    • Mechanical Shop - HVAC and Plumbing
    • Grounds
    • Service Desk Personnel
    • Dining Services