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The Amherst Fire Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are (2) fire stations located within the Town of Amherst:

  1. Central Fire Station - 68 North Pleasant St. (413) 259-3086

  2. North Fire Station - 603 East Pleasant St. (413) 259-3085

Amherst College is primarily served by the Central Fire Station, which is located one block away from the college. The Amherst Fire Department operates both the fire and emergency medical services for the town, which includes not only Amherst College but Hampshire College and the University of Massachusetts as well. There are at least (7) firefighter EMT's and/or Paramedics on duty at all times. The on-duty firefighters operate an engine company or (2) ambulances from each station.

The Amherst Fire Department is augmented by additional personnel: a 22 member paid on-call force of firefighter / EMTs, and 30 member student / volunteer force of firefighter / EMTs that reside at the North Fire Station.

In addition to staffing the ambulance and fire apparatus for the Town of Amherst, the fire department also serves as the initial hazardous material response team for Amherst College, Hampshire College and the University of Massachusetts. The fire department currently has (2) members that are assigned to the regional hazardous material response team which is located in the Ludlow / Springfield Area.

The Regional Hazardous Material Response Team operates / responds as needed in levels referred to as Tiers. Tier 1 involves the response of the Amherst Fire Department supplemented by the (2) members of the department assigned to the regional team. Tier 2 (if required) increases the number of personnel and the necessary equipment from the district / regional hazardous material response team.

If the Amherst Fire Department is called upon to respond to Amherst College for a fire or hazardous material incident, they assume the role of Incident Commander for the specific incident. The highest ranking fire officer on the scene of the emergency is the Incident Commander.

  • Amherst College representatives, both administrative and support staff will assist the "Incident Commander" as needed.
  • The Amherst College Incident Commander should establish Unified Command with the Amherst Incident Commander for reasons of communication, continuity, monetary and personnel support.

The Amherst College Incident Commander or their designee should provide the following:

  1. Police Officers in a number sufficient to protect public and property
  2. Financial support as necessary to mitigate the hazard
  3. Public Affairs Officer to properly assist the media
  4. Support staff as necessary to properly manage the incident
  5. An area for rehabilitation (i.e. rest, food, water etc.)
  6. Recordkeeping staff to properly document the incident, expenditures and resources used.
  7. An Area for Incident Command, if necessary.