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Under the direction of the Amherst College President, Dean of Faculty and the Chief of Campus Operations, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety shall assume the responsibility of Emergency Director for all campus emergencies including hazardous material incidents.

  1. Working with the Police Chief/Public Safety Director, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Chemical Hygiene Officer, Assistant Directors, Engineers and the appropriate supervisors, the Emergency Director will be able to implement the appropriate emergency operations for incidental spills, discharges of oil and any other hazardous material incident that does not warrant the use of self-contained breathing apparatus and/or "Level B" or greater personal protective equipment.
  2. The Emergency Director for Amherst College shall be ultimately responsible for the incident, including all aspects of control, hazard mitigation, health and safety, clean-up and the financial burden that will be placed upon the college.
  3. Provided the incident remains small and manageable, the Amherst College Emergency Director shall coordinate, maintain and oversee a college specific Incident Command System. A flow chart has been attached to this program and the Amherst College Emergency Preparedness Plan which outlines the Incident Command System for the College. The Incident Command System for Amherst College maintains the appropriate span of control for the Emergency Director with the following administration, faculty and support staff only reporting directly to the ED:
    • Logistics Officer (coordinates contractors, Red Cross, housing and food services)
    • Environmental Health & Safety Manager
    • Chemical Hygiene Officer
    • Police Department
    • Facilities / Operations

If the hazardous material incident involves a significant biological or chemical incident, fire, medical emergency or other occurrence which overtaxes the resources of Amherst College, then the Amherst College Director of Environmental Health and Safey, or their respective designee, shall request that the Amherst Fire Department shall be notified.

  1. In accordance with the requirements of the State Fire Prevention Code, 527 CMR 1.0, the head of the fire department or their designee shall assume the responsibility for the incident and shall convey the appropriate information to the on-site Amherst College IC.
  2. At this point, the Amherst College Incident Commander will initiate Unified Command with the Amherst Fire Department.