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All Amherst College personnel that are involved in Hazardous Material Emergency Response are trained to at least the First Responder Awareness Level if not the Operations or Technician's Level in accordance with 29 CFR 910.120. ยท Personnel within the Facilities, Dining Services, Information Services and in the Office of Admissions for the College are members of the Amherst Fire Department. These individuals receive annual training on Hazardous Material Emergency Response through the above referenced response agency. Additionally, other members of the College who have been selected to respond to "incidental discharges, leaks, releases and spills" have obtained the required training through the hazardous material waste contractor/hauler, a condition of our hazardous waste contract.

  • All training involving hazardous material response will occur at least annually.
  • A table top or mock drill will also occur annually to aid in the training process
  • Training records for the Amherst College Hazardous Material Emergency Response team will be maintained by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.