Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, and the College’s utmost priority in such situations is the health, safety and security of every member of the community. This booklet provides you with a reference guide for immediate steps to take if various crises occur. In addition, here are a few important steps you can take right now, before an emergency situation arises:

  • Sign up for AC Alert, Amherst’s emergency alert system, to receive all important notifications and information via text, email and phone messages: www.amherst.edu/go/notification.
  • Program the Amherst College Police Department’s (ACPD) emergency number as a speed dial on your phone: 413.542.2111.
  • Familiarize yourself with this booklet to know what to do in an emergency situation.
  • Use the buddy system! Watch out for colleagues and friends to make sure they are accounted for.

The College reviews and refines emergency management procedures on an ongoing basis in order to stay current on the evolving best practices in the field. One reality is constant, however: Planning for emergencies is every member of our community’s responsibility. In doing so, you don’t just protect yourself—you protect your coworkers, classmates, friends and colleagues.

We appreciate your attention to and cooperation with keeping all of us safe and prepared.

Download an electronic copy of the Emergency Response Handbook.