Fire and/or Smoke

A fire situation involves not just a flame, but smoke and heat as well, all of which can be dangerous. Protect yourself and others by remembering the acronym CAPE:

  • Close the door to Contain the fire or smoke.
  • Alert people in the Area about the fire.
  • Pull the fire alarm and Phone the Amherst College Police Department (ACPD) at 413.542.2111. Provide the dispatcher with as much information as you can about the fire and its location.
  • Extinguish the fire or Evacuate. (Do not use a fire extinguisher unless you have been trained and it’s safe to do so.) If you’re able to leave the building, find a police officer or firefighter and give them any information you might have about the fire.

If you’re aware of a person who was unable to evacuate the building for any reason, report that individual to the ACPD at 413.542.2111.

Download a PDF of the Amherst College Emergency Response Handbook.

Fire Alarm

Knowing what to do when the fire alarm sounds is one of the best ways to prepare for an emergency. When the alarm sounds:

  • Leave the building through the closest EXIT door, even if the door is alarmed.
  • Proceed to a spot at least 50 feet from the building that has been designated as a check-in area. Make sure everyone in your physical area is accounted for.

Do not reenter the building until the fire alarm has been silenced and the fire and/or police department have confirmed that it’s safe to return.