Weather Closures

Weather closures and delays are announced on My Amherst.

You may also call the SNOW line to find out whether the College is closed:

  • (413) 542-SNOW (7669)
  • Toll-free: (888) 289-1049

See information about Closure Procedures & Notifications.

Be Prepared

video Watch the video, “Responding to an Active Shooter” and learn what to do. Run, hide, fight.

What do I do when...?

AC Alerts for Alumni and Friends

Alumni and friends of the College may use the Alertus app, available for iPhone and Android, to receive AC alerts.

  1. Go to the app store and download the Alertus app. (Do not download the Alertus Activator app.)
  2. When asked for the organization code, enter amherst (case doesn’t matter).
  3. That’s it! When an emergency notification is sent, it will pop up on the phone.  

Note: Students, faculty and staff should sign up for AC Alerts in AC Data.

Wondering How to Find General Information About Events on Campus?
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