Campus Delayed Opening, December 3, 2019

As announced on the SNOW line and My Amherst, with the snow that has hit this area today, the College will have a delay in opening until 10:00 AM, Tuesday, December 3, 2019. 

Classes scheduled to begin before 10:00 AM today are cancelled and will be rescheduled at the discretion of the faculty member.

We will continue to monitor the conditions throughout the morning. If conditions dictate a further delay or closure, we will communicate the college’s status by email, SNOW line, and the college website.

Essential Staff

Staff whose work is related to essential, emergency, or weather management should report to work if their supervisor concludes that is necessary. All other staff should not come into work until 10:00 AM.


Facilities staff have been and will be working throughout the morning to keep the campus clear of snow to the best of their ability. The weather conditions challenge their capacity to keep all travel-ways clear, so anyone traversing campus should take exceeding care to be safe in doing so.

Should you encounter an emergency situation on campus that affects your safety or that of others, please immediately call Amherst College Police at 413-542-2111.


Please make sure that your car is parked where it is supposed to be. Specifically, students must park in student lots. Faculty and staff should not arrive on campus early as a matter of convenience. This is critically important to allow for the clearing of campus thoroughfares by our road crews and to allow for the transit of emergency vehicles if necessary.

Other Notices

Dining: Valentine Dining Hall will remain open for normal business.

Frost Library is closed until opening at 10:00 AM.

Athletics and the gym complex is closed until opening at 10:00 AM.