How to Give

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Today, if you encounter a fellow graduate, whether decades your junior or decades your senior, you will find a kindred spirit. We have all benefited from the transformative power of intellectual rigor and critical thinking. And we have all benefited from an environment that celebrates a rich chorus of diverse voices. In return, we are asked to opt for the challenging problem rather than the easy solution, to embrace the promise of change rather than settle for the comfort of the status quo. We are asked to demonstrate the same confidence in the future that a small group of idealists did two hundred years ago.

This is our time. This is our commitment.

This is our chance to fulfill the promise of this treasured place, and to renew our promise to those who will follow us. From the moment of its founding in 1821, Amherst College has been a place for students of promise. And for the two centuries since, that bold and daring confidence in individual potential has been fulfilled anew with each graduating class.