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The Amherst College
Bicentennial Plate Series



1821 plate large


The Amherst College Bicentennial Plate Series is issued to thank Noah Webster Circle donors and to commemorate Amherst’s upcoming Bicentennial in 2021.  Each year’s plate will feature a different, custom-engraved campus scene.  The inaugural plate featuring Johnson Chapel was issued in 2010/2011.  Upcoming plates will feature the President’s House, the Octagon, Converse, and the Beneski Museum of Natural History, to name a few.


Monthly Giving Program for 1821 Society Gifts

Making gifts that qualify for 1821 Society membership is now easier than ever. Your credit card can be charged in 12 monthly installments for all Annual Fund gifts.

Qualifying levels for 1821 Society membership are as follows.


Monthly Gift

Annual Gift

1821 Society
for Young Alumni
  1-5 yrs out

  6-10 YRS OUT

$41.67 $500
$83.34 $1,000
1821 Society $151.75 $1,821
Noah Webster Circle $833.34 $10,000

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