Senior Gift 2016

Senior spring is already here, can you believe it? As we reflect on our time at Amherst, one thing becomes clear: our experiences would not have been possible without the generosity of alumni. Every year, over 11,000 members of the Amherst community come together to support current students through the Annual Fund. It's because of Amherst's legacy of philanthropy that we're here today, and it's on us to carry that into the future, starting with the Senior Gift Campaign.

What is the Senior Gift Campaign? We'll start by telling you what it's not:

  • It’s not a park bench or a tree. It’s a collective effort for our class to make our first donations to the Annual Fund, which raises 10+ million a year from 11,000+ alumni.
  • It’s not the endowment. The Alumni Fund is current-use, meaning that it goes directly to supporting current students. It’s never invested -- it’s the money that makes Amherst possible every year.
  • It’s not exclusive. Everyone in our class, regardless of whether you choose to give, will always be welcome at Senior Gift Committee events and activities.

Then what is the Senior Gift Campaign?

  • A choice: As a donor, you have the agency to choose where your gift goes – you can give to financial aid, sustainability, counseling and wellness, athletics, arts, student life, academics, or wherever Amherst needs it most.
  • A tradition: Starting with the class of 1934, seniors have supported the college. The record to beat is 91.9% participation held by the class of 1990. 2015 came close with 89.9% participation. These levels of participation are what help keep Amherst on top, and with your help we can blow these records out of the water.
  • A chance to make a difference: Last year (FY15), gifts of one hundred dollars or less added up to allow more than seven students to attend Amherst on average financial aid packages. Together, we can make a real impact.

Each and every gift makes a difference, no matter the size. We hope you will join us in giving to a place that's given us so much. When you give, you help make Amherst possible.

With appreciation,

Nneka Ugwu and Cristian Navarro, on behalf of the Senior Gift Committee

This year's goal: breaking the record with 92% participation!

The Class of 2016 hopes to break the all-time record of 91.2%, set by the class of 1990! For this to happen, we need the help of 400 seniors. Each and every gift, no matter the size, counts and makes a difference. What really matters is the percentage of seniors who participate.

It only takes $1 to be counted and receive a set of Amherst tech decals. The suggested gift amount for seniors is $20.16, and includes an additional memento of an Amherst 2016 mason jar.

Click here to make your gift!

The importance of giving over time:

This year, seniors have the opportunity to pledge to support Amherst on a monthly or annual basis. Supporting Amherst routinely, no matter the amount, supplies the College with the reliable support to innovatively respond to student needs. Additionally, when you give on a regular basis, you help Amherst keep it's alumni participation rate strong, which strengthen's Amherst's reputation.

Becoming a donor the College can count on is easy. On the online giving form under "frequency," select "sustaining monthly gift" or "sustaining annual gift." As the college's most loyal supporters, sustaining supporters of Amherst will receive special invitations and updates from the college as alumni.

Choice Based Giving options:

Seniors can designate their gifts within the Annual Fund to one the following areas:
  • Annual Fund for Academics
  • Annual Fund for Athletics
  • Annual Fund for Arts
  • Annual Fund for Counseling and Wellness
  • Annual Fund for Financial Aid
  • Annual Fund for Student Life
  • Annual Fund for Sustainability

Past events:

Whether comps, thesis deadlines, and/or midterms are ahead of you or behind you, one thing is clear: we could all use a second spring break. Join us at the Monkey Bar for a Senior Trivia Night - appetizers and the first $200 of drinks are on us!

The winning team will receive a $100 gift card to Johnny's Tavern. Teams of 3 - 5 people are best. Make sure you sign up here:

Contributor slips will be available at the event, and if you're looking to learn more about the Senior Gift Campaign committee members will be on hand for any questions you would like to ask. Brush up on your Amherst facts! A round of questions will be dedicated to the College and philanthropy.


While it might be hard to believe, the time has come to formally kick-off our senior spring! Please join us for the first event in the series of senior spring traditions, the Senior Spring Kick-Off Party, with special guest President Martin.

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


The Powerhouse

Dessert and Drinks (for students with proper I.D.) will be served

Hosted by The Senior Gift Committee, this event is an opportunity to connect with friends old and new over drinks and desserts, reminisce about the times before thesis deadlines were so real, and make plans to do all of the things we need to do on campus before we graduate. It's also an opportunity to make your gift to the Senior Gift Campaign.

Senior Gift 2016