When it comes to the Amherst Fund, every gift counts. We say it all the time. Each contribution matters because together they create a vital resource for the College, totaling more than $10 million in unrestricted funds annually. This supports academics, scholarships and financial aid, athletics, arts, student life, sustainability, and every other aspect of the Amherst experience.

Three students in Adirondack chairs on the Amherst College quad

What inspires them?

While the collective power of these gifts is impressive, there is also a unique donor behind each one. Below meet three amazing alumni and Amherst Fund supporters—including a mother and daughter—and learn what inspires them to give:

A photo of William Turner
Dr. William Turner ’94

“Since the day of my acceptance, Amherst has done an amazing job at making me feel part of a storied history and a rich community. I thank Amherst for giving me the exposure, life and academic tools I needed to be the best husband, father, physician, and person I could be. Nothing reinforced my gratitude more than having the opportunity to attend my 25th reunion. Giving to the Fund over the last 25 years has been my small way of giving back to a community that always embraced me and shared so much.”

A photo of Diane Saltoun
Diane Saltoun ’84, P’19, ’22

“My Amherst College education, although many years ago, has consistently supported and enhanced my professional and adult life. Today, seeing my two children thrive at Amherst has reinforced my belief in the value of its unique educational environment. My husband and I are happy to support the Amherst Fund and to assist the College with its continued commitment to providing the best liberal arts education in the country. Our hope is that this support will leave Amherst in an even better place than it is for our children.”

A photo of Natalie S. Braun
Natalie S. Braun ’19

“Amherst has provided me with countless opportunities to pursue my intellectual interests, develop a wide variety of skills and learn from amazing individuals. My four years at Amherst taught me to be inquisitive, well-rounded and adaptable. I donated to the Amherst Fund when I graduated to recognize and support the outstanding liberal arts education Amherst offered me.”

What do you value about Amherst?

If you feel inspired, there is still time to give to the Amherst Fund before we tally at the end of the fiscal year. Every gift counts. And so does the donor behind it.

The number of giving day donors (2,236), donors to the senior class gift (284); the range of gifts and how the money was spent