The Amherst Fund

Each year, the Amherst Fund (which is comprised of the Alumni Fund and The Parents' Fund) raises more than $10 million from 12,000 alumni, parents and friends to fund College's highest priorities and 5% of the total operating budget. The Amherst Fund supports academics, scholarships and financial aid, athletics, arts, student life, sustainability and every other aspect of the College. Gifts have an immediate impact and provide critical, current-use support every year.

Now, when you make a gift, in support of an Amherst Fund priority, you make your voice heard for the students and faculty conducting research, preparing for a game, practicing for a jazz concert, organizing a club activity, or staying late in Frost to study. By supporting what matters to you, you make it matter to others.

academics  Academics

Small classes and the ability to work closely with faculty are the hallmark of an Amherst education. These experiences inspire intellectual passion and development. Make a gift to academics and help Amherst hire and retain outstanding teachers and scholars to carry on Amherst’s academic tradition, as well as support tutorials, student research, and the many other resources and opportunities that contribute to Amherst’s academic excellence.  

arts  Arts

As the ‘singing college’, Amherst has a long history of cultivating a vibrant community of artists, dancers, actors, and musicians. Make a gift to the arts and support the events, speakers, materials, trips, and class functions that benefit students and enrich the entire campus.

athletics  Athletics

Teamwork, skill building, hard work, perseverance, lasting friendships—and the elation of scoring the winning point. Amherst’s is the oldest athletic program in the country and our student-athletes have successfully blended academics and athletics for decades. Make a gift to support varsity teams, club sports, intramural teams, and the programs and activities that contribute to a culture of intellectual, physical and personal development.

financial aid Scholarships and Financial Aid

Amherst is one of only four institutions of higher education in the country that is both need-blind and no-loan for all students. Each year we award over $50 Million in financial aid because we believe talent exists everywhere and cost shouldn’t stand in the way of exceptional education for exceptional students. Make a gift to financial aid and help meet the financial need of our students, so they can focus on making the most of their experience at Amherst.

studentlife  Student Life

Some of the most formative Amherst experiences happen outside the classroom. Make a gift to student life and support student opportunities for self-governance, community engagement, volunteerism, wellness, and the critical services that help students thrive in a rigorous academic environment.

sustainability Sustainability

Amherst strives to set an example of responsible stewardship by establishing sound policies and practices that promote resource conservation and minimize our environmental impact. Make a gift and support sustainability initiatives that will help Amherst remain a responsible steward of its resources and build a conscientious campus community.

You can also support All Current Priorities, which encompasses all aspects of the College—the people, places, and programs that make Amherst distinct.

Have questions about the Amherst Fund priorities? Learn more or contact us.

Why Does Your Gift Matter?

Because the quality of an Amherst education depends on it.  

Why is Alumni Participation Important?

  • Every gift has a multiplier effect. Each contribution to the Amherst Fund is the equivalent of an endowment more than 20 times that amount.
  • Every Amherst Fund gift supports the College’s reputation. Corporations, foundations, and families all use Alumni Fund participation rates to judge the College’s strength.
  • By showing through your annual gift that Amherst matters to you, you make Amherst matter to others.